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    flash 0052Personality Development Course
    flash 0053Quiz Programme.
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    flash 0062Job Placement Scheme
    flash 0063Entrance Exam (All India) Medicine & Engineering.
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    flash 0072Play way method teaching for K.G.Children.
    flash 0073Teaching through audio, video and satellite in classrooms.
Recognized by the Govt. of Tamilnadu
  • Tamil Nadu State Board of Higher Secondary Education
Groups in Higher Secondary
Group-1: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
Group-2: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
Group-3: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Maths
Group-4: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science
Thursday, Jun 13, 2013
Thursday, Jun 13, 2013
Thursday, Jun 13, 2013